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Academic Rigor and Post-Secondary Education Prep


Increasing Academic Rigor

Students who enroll in and successfully complete high school courses that present core content with rigorous expectations, high-level instruction, and relevant, current materials are more likely to bypass the need for remedial course work, and enter college immediately following high school graduation. They are more likely to attain college degrees and embark on successful professional careers.

The availability of and success in Advanced Placement (AP) courses is a key indicator of the level of rigor within the district. The full national AP Program offers a total of 35 courses in 20 subject areas. While David Douglas has 9 AP courses available, only 26% of students participate. This is below the national average of 33%. We need to do a better job of both offering AP courses and of ensuring greater participation in—and graduation from—these advanced courses.

Post-Secondary Opportunities for All Students

Families served by David Douglas School District have different demographics than most of the Portland area, with a higher percentage of English Language Learners and students of color and a lower median household. Many parents feel alienated from schools and are, therefore, not present for discussions of post-secondary opportunities, financial aid, scholarships, college preparation, and choices available to high-school graduates. As a member of the David Douglas School Board, I will work to increase parent involvement. We must ensure all David Douglas families are given the information their students need to take advantage of post-secondary studies, whether vocational, technical, community college, or private and public universities.

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