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Stephanie's Education Agenda


Stephanie's Education Agenda

The families of David Douglas have much to celebrate: we are industrious, resourceful, and culturally vibrant. Our district has improved outcomes for English language learners, recent bond measures resulted in upgraded buildings, and we have kept PE and music when other districts have lost these programs. We have done this with creativity and resolve in lean years.

We are again called to weather tough times. The state budget deficit and federal funding cuts—coupled with a national shift in education policy—will challenge the gains we have made, and we need innovative, strategic, relentless leaders at the district’s helm to keep us moving forward.

I have nearly two decades of experience in public policy development, budget management, and community-building. As the co-founder of a nonprofit that unites diverse communities, I have brought people together to solve complex problems and achieve results with limited funding. With your vote, I will apply my expertise to improving graduation rates, leveraging new partnerships, engaging families, and providing a quality, 21st Century education for all David Douglas students.

As the mother of twin first-graders attending Menlo Park Elementary, I am committed to the district’s long-term success. 

My Education Agenda

I hope you will join me. Together, we can ensure our kids have the support they need to grow, learn, and thrive.

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