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My Campaign Commitment to You


Keeping big money out of local politics

Big money has become the new normal in Portland area school board elections. One look through the Oregon Secretary of State’s elections and campaign finance tracking web site ORESTAR shows that winning candidates in neighboring districts have spent tens of thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) to either keep their seats or upset incumbents.

The same political consultants and large organized special interest groups dominate the roster of big money donations and expenditures, and political parties routinely use school board elections to catapult their future leaders to higher office. My campaign is different.

I can guarantee you that no political party, nor any big donor, nor any organized special interest will hold sway over me. As a community advocate, I have spent years trying to change the dynamic of big money in local politics. This past election cycle, I joined with thousands of Oregonians to help pass Multnomah County’s Ballot Measure 26-184, which limits campaign contributions to no more than $500 in local elections (see the campaign video below that features my darling husband. If you watch to the end you will catch a glimpse of my adorable twins).

Although I am running for David Douglas School Board—not Multnomah County Commission (and am not, therefore, subject to these rules)—I will abide by them. I will not accept any donation over $500. And every donor will be listed on my web site, so that you, the residents of David Douglas School District, remain the people to whom I am accountable.

My Donors

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