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Supporters and Donors


As Steph's campaign progresses, this page will contain an updated list of donors, community leaders, elected officials, and organizations that support her. Click here to Endorse Stephanie!

Organizational Endorsements

David Douglas Education Association
Oregon School Employees Association
, David Douglas Chapter 
AFSCME Local 189
Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon
Oregon Working Families Party
NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon PAC

Elected Officials

Alissa Keny-Guyer, State Representative, Oregon House District 46 (Inner East Portland)
Amanda Fritz, Commissioner, City of Portland
Andrea Valderrama, David Douglas School Board Member
Annette Mattson, David Douglas School Board Member (1995-2013)
Deborah Kafoury, Chair, Multnomah County Commission
Diego Hernandez
, State Representative, Oregon House District 47 (Outer East Portland)
Earl Blumenauer, U.S. Representative, Oregon's 3rd Congressional District
Ellen F. Rosenblum, Attorney General, State of Oregon
Frieda Christopher, David Douglas School Board Member
Rex Burkholder, Metro Councilor (2000-2012)
Sam Chase, Metro Councilor
Tom Potter, Mayor, City of Portland (2005-2008)

Campaign Donors and Supporters

Abdi Beledi, CDK Global, David Douglas School District Parent
Abdoulaye Barry, Oregon Public Utility Commission
Abdulah Polovina, BECO, David Douglas School District Resident
Alberto Moreno, Executive Director, Oregon Latino Health Coalition
Alessandra Karson-Whitethorn, Therapist, Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare
Alice McCarthy, Legal Program Editor, Strafford
Allyson Klein, Marketing, Intel
Amalia Alarcón de Morris, Office of Neighborhood Involvement, City of Portland
Amanda Byron, Instructor, Portland State University
Amanda Jones, Customer Success, Blue Volt, David Douglas School District Resident
Amanda Rhoads, Bureau of Development Services, City of Portland
Amber Keyser, Writer
Amy Reaney
, Fund Services Officer, Oregon Community Foundation
Amy Sills, Accountant, Winco, David Douglas School District Parent
Anais Tuepker, Veterans Affairs Portland Health Care System
Andrea Cano, Providence Health Systems
Andreina Velasco, Teacher, David Douglas School District
Andrew Riley, Community Engagement Coordinator, 1000 Friends of Oregon
Anita Hanning
, Retired Executive Assistant
Anita Yap, Manager, State of Oregon
Ann Marcus, Cisco Systems
Ann Romer, Researcher, Oregon Health Sciences University
Anne Paris, Teacher, Alliance Charter Academy
Anya Valsamakis, Therapist, Pravda Counseling
Asha Dornfest, Self-Employed Writer
Atif Aziz, Washington State Department of Revenue
Aubrey Pagenstecher, Teacher, Portland Public Schools
Baher Butti, Case Manager, Catholic Charities and Founder, Iraqi Society of Oregon
Barbara Willer, Retired, Former Interfaith Coordinator, Multnomah County   
Beth Kaye, Manager, Oregon Patient Safety Commission
Beth McShane
Betsy Ames, Policy Analyst, City of Portland
Billi Kraft, Retired Teacher
Billy Don Robinson, Native Plant Society of Oregon
Bobbin Singh, Executive Director, Oregon Justice Resource Center
Candy Carnes, Compliance Manager, Oregon Berry Packing 
Carmen Rubio, Executive Director, Latino Network
Carol Cheney, Program Officer, Meyer Memorial Trust
Carol Fenton, Attorney
Carrah Gifford, Teacher, David Douglas School District
Charlene McGee, Refugee Health Coordinator, Multnomah County
Cheryl Kalter, Psychotherapist in Private Practice
Cheryle Gardiner, Retired, David Douglas School District Resident
Christie Bernklau Halvor
Cynthia Gomez, Faculty, Portland State University
Cynthia Henry, RUI, David Douglas School District Parent
D Pei Wu, Executive Director, Jobs with Justice
Dan Jackson, Music Teacher, Retired
Dan Petegorsky, Senior Fellow, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy
Danelle Mathews, Prowess Consulting
Dawn Rasmussen, Writer, Pathfinder Writing And Career Services, LLC
Deborah Berkson, Self-Employed
Deborah Stein, District Laison Coordinator, Bureau of Planning, City of Portland
Debra King, Retired
Debra Rosencrance, Vice President, American Academy Of Ophthalmology
Denise Eunson, Human Resources Manager, SunEdison
Dennis LoGiudice, Program Coordinator, City of Lake Worth
Derek Franklin, Art Director, Marylhurst University
Dora Asana Perry, Equity & Policy Manager, Bureau of Development Services, City of Portland
Douglas Bennett
, Retired
Edith Casterline
, Office Manager, McKenzie River Gathering Foundation
Elisa Harrigan, Affordable Housing Initiative Program Officer, Meyer Memorial Trust
Elizabeth Archodominion
, Teacher and David Douglas School District Parent
Elizabeth Kennedy-Wong, Manager, Portland Parks and Recreation, City of Portland
Ellen Brown, Textile Designer, Ellen Julia Brown
Elspeth Tanguay-Koo
Emily Wittekindt, Providence Health and Services, David Douglas Parent
Eric Stachon
, Communications Consultant
Eric Ward, Program Officer, Ford Foundation
Erin Althoff, Teacher, Beaverton School District
Erin Brewer
Erin Conroy, Mom and Homemaker
Felicia Bechtoldt, Economist, Oregon Employment Department
Felicia Williams, Business Manager, Aronora, Inc.
Gaylen Beatty, Parks and Nature, Metro           
Georgia Applegate

Gilbert Martinez
Goldann Salazar, Executive Assistant, City of Portland
Gloria Ngezaho
Gulzar Ahmed
, Engineer, Crescent Systems, Inc. 
Heather Ayers, Registered Nurse, Providence
Heather Franklin
, David Douglas School District Parent
Heather Griffin, David Douglas School District Resident
Heidi Guenin
, Policy Analyst, GridWorks
Henry Kraemer, Program Director, Bus Federation
Irina Boboia, Photographer and Artist
Ivonne Rivero, Interpreter
Jaqueline Yerby, Executive Director, Bradley Angle
James Morris, Commissioner, Oregon Commission on Black Affairs
Jamie Jones, Director of Operations, Disability Rights Oregon
Jan Rautio, Certified Public Accountant
Jana Lombardi, Self-Employed E-Commerce Business Owner
Jason Frohnmayer, US Department of State
Jeannine Rustad Ravel, Superintendent of Planning, Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District
Jeff Selby, Communications Program Coordinator, Office of Equity and Human Rights, City of Portland
Jeffry Gottfried, Retired
Jennifer Maddox
Jenny Harmon, Harmony Montessori
Jessica Acee
, Teacher
Jessica Linzer, Social Security Administration
Jessica Starling, Professor, Lewis & Clark College
Joe and Nancy Hertzberg, Retired
Joe Zehnder, Chief Planner, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
Joelle Flegal, Teacher, David Douglas School District
Joseph Santos-Lyons, Executive Director, Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO)
Josh Eddings
Judith Mowry, Policy Advisor, City of Portland
Julia Sarver, Business Strategist, Health & Wellness Practitioners
Julia Traylor, Teacher, Mill Park Elementary, David Douglas School District
Julie Green

Julie Lance
June Schumann, Retired
Kabindra Amatya
, Bookkeeper/Accountant
Kaity Wu, Teacher, Kateri Park Preschool 
Kara Carmosino, Director of Programs and Strategy, Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO)
Karin Hansen, Former Teacher, Portland Public Schools
Karl Becker, Third Iron, LLC
Karly Edwards, State Director, Working Families
Kari Lyons-Eubanks, Senior Policy Analyst, Multnomah County
Kasandra Griffin
Kate Fricke
, Doula, Providence Health 
Kateri Morton, Self-Employed Artist
Katherine Carney, Instructor, Portland Community College
Katharine Longstreth, Teacher, Portland Public Schools and David Douglas School District Resident
Katherine Hagen
Kathie Meechan, Retired
Kathleen Pequeño, Communications Consultant
Kathleen Schultz, Retired, La Salle High School and David Douglas School District Resident
Katje Wagner, Psychotherapist in Private Practice
Kayse Jama, Executive Director, Unite Oregon
Keelie Fallon, Human Resources, Integrated Merchandising Systems
Kelley Weigel, Executive Director, Western States Center
Kelly Baker Corwin, Corwin Designs
Kelly Keala, Flux
Kelly Wallace, Consultant
Ken Doop, Retired Teacher
Kevin Foster, Realtor
Kieran Cannistra, Communications, IBM
Kimberly Parmon, Realtor
Kimberly Sordyl, Attorney
Kirstin Greene, Community Planner, Cogan Owens Greene
Koffi Dessou, Equity Training and Education Program Coordinator, City of Portland
Krissi Leto, Registered Nurse
Kristin Teigen, Educator, Portland State University
Laney Holtgrefe

Laurel Carrasco, Advertising Director, Northwest Kids Magazine
Leah Frohnmayer, Retired
Lena Kim, Bookkeeper
Leslie Kowash, Student
Linda Stephens
, Retired Medical Transcriptionist
Lisa Ann Ross, Self-Employed Healer
Lisa Carpenter, Veterinary Technician
Lisa Grigsby-Kensel
Liz Rogers, Case Manager, Clackamas County
Lizzie Fussell, Healthy Families Senior Program Specialist, Multnomah County Health Department
Lori Ubell, Retired, David Douglas School District Resident
Luci Longoria, Public Health, State of Oregon
Lynn MacDonald, Retired
Lynn Preble, Teacher, David Douglas School District
Magaly Garcia
Maj Britt Baker, Operations Configuration Specialist, Digital Innovation Group
Marcia Schneider, School Nurse, Vancouver Public Schools and David Douglas School District Resident
Margaret Sullivan, Early Intervention Specialist, David Douglas School District
Margot Kniffin
, Lawyer, US Department of Justice
Marilyn Everhart, UniServ, Washington Education Association, Teacher
Marj Hogan, Teacher, Evergreen School District
Mark Anderson, Teacher
Mark Sturbois, Retired
Marsha Schauer
, Retired, David Douglas School District Resident
Mary Ann Joyce, Retired
Mary Drinkhouse, Personal Trainer
Mary Prottsman, Administrative Support, Portland Police Bureau
Mary Rarick, Self-Employed
Mary Scott, Accountant, Q Corp
Marya Stanfield, Highline School District
MaryAlecia Briggs, Sales/Merchandising, The Container Store
Matt Abrams, Student
Megan Dorton
Megan McLaughlin
, David Douglas School District Resident
Megan Robertson
Melissa Hockett, Social Worker, Kaiser Permanente and David Douglas School District Parent
Mel Rader
, Self-Employed, Founder of Upstream Public Health
Melinda Pittman, Writer and Theatre Performer
Melissa Schaefer, Child Care Provider, David Douglas School District Parent
Michael Barton, Self Employed Writer
Michael Fielding
, Menlo Park Elementary School, David Douglas School District
Michael Reyes, Community Engagement Officer, Northwest Health Foundation and David Douglas School District Parent
Morgan Hentrup, Buchanan Angeli Altschul & Sullivan, LLP
Moses Ross, M.J. Ross Group, Inc.
Nancy Becker, Dietician
Nancy Powell, Retired
Natalie Janine Gates, Constituent Services Specialist, City of Portland
Natasha Forrester Campbell, Librarian, Multnomah County
Ned Rosch, Self-Employed
Nichole Maher, President, Northwest Health Foundation
Nora Robinon
Omar Shey Omar, Customer Account Advisor, Consumer Cellular
P Elise Scolnick
Pam Fulkerson, Veterinarian
Pam Phan, Organizer, Community Alliance of Tenants
Pamela Martel, Pamela Martel Communications
Pamela Zero, Self-Employed, Web Designer
Patricia Merrill, Self-Employed, Cargo
Paul Leistner, Neighborhood Program Coordinator, Office of Neighborhood Involvement, City of Portland
Randy Black, Cashier, New Seasons
Raquel Bournhonesque, Community Coach at County Health Rankings and Roadmaps, National Network of Public Health Institutes
Richard Meeker, President, City of Roses Media Company
Robert Graf, Retired Teacher
Robin Stevens, Experience Lab
Roger Stephens
, Retired Teacher
Rujuta Gaonkar, Program Manager, Multnomah County Health Department
Sam Gioia, Assistant Professor of Social Work Practice, Portland State University
Sara Anderson
, Kroger
Sara Pomeroy, Esthetician
Sarah Vhay
Savannah Roberson, David Douglas School District Parent
Scott Bailey, Economist State of Washington
Shameem Rakha, Assistant Professor, Washington State University, Vancouver
Shawna Revak, Kaiser Permanente Northwest
Shelley Buettner, HealthNow Consulting, Inc.
Sheryl Anderson, Independent Consultant
Shukri Osman, M.D., Physician
Siibhan o'Connor Gwozdz, Information Technologist
Sonia Acharya, Scientist
Sonya Carnes, Educational Consultant
Stephanie Aselle, David Douglas School District Parent
Steve Paulson, Retired Teacher
Susan Liao
Suzy Jeffreys, North by Northwest Community Health Center
Teresa Herlinger, Freelance Editor
Thach Nguyen
Tiago Denczuk, Student, Portland State University
Tim Josephson
Timothy Horn, Timothy Horn Photography
Tracey Smith, Moda Health
Tracy Menasco, Research Analyst, Growth Science
Tricia Zerufael
Yousif Yasin, Finance Manager, Suburban Ford
Vadim Riskin
, Portland Public Schools and President, East Portland Coalition
Vanessa Bonham, Self-Employed
Victor Salinas, East Portland Neighborhood Office, City of Portland
Violeta Rubiani
, Meyer Memorial Trust
Virginia LaForte, Account Supervisor, Alcone
Wajdi Said, Co-Founder and President, Muslim Educational Trust
William Weismann, Consultant

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