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Racial Equity


To acheive racial equity, David Douglas School District must work to eliminate racial disparity and disproportionality in all aspects of the educational system.

Addressing Racial Disparities in Education

Over the past four years, our Board has been prioritizing racial equity within David Douglas School District, establishing a permanent Racial Equity Committee, passing policy to address racial disparities in education, and emedding our racial equity goals within our new David Douglas School District Strategic Plan. Over the coming four years, I will work with the broader David Douglas community to ensure these plans and goals are put into concrete action and measure our progress. 

Key racial equity priorities for David Douglas over the next four years include:

  • Hiring/retention of teachers and staff of color
  • Closing the educational disparity gap for students of color through providing needed supports
  • Adopting culturally competent curriculum
  • Benchmarking equity investments within the budget
  • Linking our Superintendent’s annual evaluation to progress on our district's racial equity goals


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