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Safe Schools for All Children


Schools should be a place free of indimidation

More than 30% of US students report being involved in bullying—as a bully, a target of bullying, or both. Bullying has also been linked to future involvement in the criminal justice system, to depression and other long‐term mental health concerns, and even to suicide. The number one reason given for bullying students is that they "don’t fit in."

In 2009, I joined a coalition effort to help pass the "Oregon Safe Schools Act," which strengthened Oregon's anti-bullying law, and helped develop consistent enforcement across school districts.

Oregon Safe Schools Act:

  • Ensured wider adoption of anti‐bullying and anti‐harassment policy
  • Created clear notice and complaint procedures
  • Required a comprehensive approach to address bullying

In 2014, David Douglas School District was given a "Gold Star" rating by the Oregon Safe Schools and Communities Coalition. And while I applaud the district's policies and work on this issue, there is much more to be done. There can be no doubt that the 2016 election stretched our social fabric and hate incidents are on the rise. Our schools must be spaces where all children feel supported and welcomed.

Since I announced my run for David Douglas School Board, I have learned of many unreported incidents of hate, bullying, harassment, and intimidation. For those who have experienced this, I encourage you to report these incidents. My campaign will link you with resources and people who can help. Together, we can make our schools safe for all kids.

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