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Victory! Thank You for Your Support


A Message of Gratitude

I could not be happier with the results of Tuesday night’s David Douglas School Board election. Not only was I successful in winning Position 2, but a whole slate of visionary Moms won as well—Ana del Rocío, Christine Larsen, and Andrea Valderrama!

I’m so proud of the campaign we ran. Together, we championed an inclusive agenda for our district's children, families, educators, school employees, communities, and leaders. We raised over $13,000 from grassroots supporters to help forward that vision. We produced materials in 8 languages (English, Somali, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Hindi and Arabic). We collectively walked countless miles and knocked on hundreds of doors in David Douglas School District's first ever series of multilingual canvasses. Our volunteers hand-wrote messages on 2,000 postcards to voters, and we talked to thousands of people at school events, community gatherings, neighborhood meetings, and cultural nights.

So, THANK YOU to all the "Steph for Schools" donors, supporters, canvassers, callers, kitchen cabinet members, and friends.

Now the real work begins. I intend to keep my Steph for Schools web site running, communicating with our district’s families about events, involvement opportunities, and your ideas for David Douglas. I’ll be producing my own blog posts and linking to district news. I hope you will sign up on to receive my newsletter and stay connected with me. Thanks again for your support! I’m excited to represent you!

Stephanie D. Stephens, David Douglas School District Director-Elect, Position 2

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